Hello Hong Kong

A few weeks ago I went to City Grit’s “Feeding the Dragon” dinner. Sarah Simmons cooked an amazing tasting menu based on brother and sister team Nate and Mary Kate Tate’s new cookbook “Feeding the Dragon”. I enjoyed it so much I even ate tofu, and I hate tofu with a passion.

In addition to a delicious meal I got a copy of the cookbook, which chronicles Mary Kate and Nate’s travels through China and recreates recipes that they got from the locals. You get pulled in and inspired by their travel tales, and more importantly they make you hungry. I started snacking on some of the already cooked ingredients in the Chicken and Mushroom Congee I made tonight as I read about their first meal in Hong Kong because it was making me very peckish.

As authentic as the recipes are, you don’t need to have any previous experience cooking Chinese food or hunt down crazy ingredients. Although I think that Chinatown has some of the freshest seafood in the city so I recommend exploring the next time you have an afternoon for shopping.

By the way, the congee was delicious and I am looking forward to leftovers – with a spoon.